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"NYC Skyline - Classic" Hand Painted Original - Triptych

  • This is an original, 100% hand-painted. 

    Limited Edition of 10... Hand Signed and numbered

    Archival acrylic paint, on 100%  cotton canvas.

    Treated for protection from the effects of the environment and ultraviolet light.


    This painting is a Triptych. It consists of three Framed canvases 

    Space between panels is recommended

    The Triptych (each canvas) is Framed - Gallery  Style (canvas is stapled on the back of the frame)

    It is ready to hang

    Size: 30 X 45  (total without spacing)

    1st canvas: 30X15,  2nd canvas: 10X15,  3rd canvas: 30X15

    Size: 36 X 54    (total without spacing)

    1st canvas: 36X18,  2nd canvas: 36X18,  3rd canvas: 36x18

    Size: 48 X 72   (total without spacing)

    1st canvas: 48X24,  2nd canvas: 48X24,  3rd canvas: 48X24

    note :

    The sizes shown here are standard

    They are measured in inches

    If interested in any other size, please contact us 

    A Certificate of Authenticity will be included with the order




    There are no Returns or Exchanges for Originals,  Limited Edition Prints, and Giclee Prints

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