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  • What is an Original painting?
    An Original painting is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that is hand-painted by the artist. This means that no two original paintings are exactly alike, as they are the original creation of the artist. There are two types of original paintings. The first type is a one-of-a-kind painting that is done only once, ensuring that it will not be created again, making it truly unique. The second type is when the artist creates and paints the same image more than once. However, it is important to note that each painting done multiple times is not an exact replica but rather a new unique piece with slight variations. This distinction ensures that each original painting is a truly special and individual work of art, with its own artistic value.
  • What is a Print ?
    A print is a copy of the artist's Original creation. Copies are created with the help of printers (machines). They are also created by hand. There are different ways of creating a print-copy by hand, such as Lithographs, transfers etc. Nonetheless, they are prints-copies, and not Originals. Prints are done on paper, canvas, wood, metal, glass, fabric etc.
  • What is a Giclee Print ?
    A Giclee print is the highest quality print available, often used for reproducing fine art or photography. It is created using specific standards and specifications to ensure museum-quality results. These include using specific surfaces such as canvas or fine art paper that are archival, acid-free, and UV resistant. Additionally, Giclee prints are produced using specific printers and a type of ink that meets the highest standards for longevity and color vibrancy. Unlike standard print copies, Giclee prints require meticulous attention to detail and quality, making them a premium choice for art collectors and enthusiasts. I am committed to provide my customers Giclee prints that maintain the integrity and beauty of the original artwork, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional, museum-quality reproductions.
  • What kind of materials and printing processes are used for the Poster Giclees? (paper prints)
    I am committed to using only the highest quality materials and printing processes for my artwork, to meet the Giclee standards. I print on fine art paper by Epson, which provides excellent image reproduction with vibrant colors that truly come alive. My prints are UV protected, ensuring their lasting quality for up to 200 years. The type of paper I use is photo luster paper, which provides a beautiful sheen surface that enhances the overall presentation of the artwork. The inks are made by Epson and the printer is Epson of course. This attention to detail in materials and printing processes ensures that my customers receive stunning, high-quality artwork that will stand the test of time.
  • What is a Lithograph ?
    A Lithograph, is a type of printing. It started in 1796, primarily using a stone or a metal with smooth surfaces. The idea is to transfer the image (art work) onto another surface by pressure. Since then, this method has evolved, and new modern "pressure" machines are being used in the process. I use printed images of my original artwork and then transfer them onto a cotton canvas surface, creating unique and high-quality pieces for my customers. This process allows me to maintain the integrity and detail of the original artwork while producing multiple copies for my clients to enjoy. I only use my hands and a heavy rubber roller. After the transfer of the image is complete, I hand-paint the sides of the canvas, for an even uniformed work, for a frameless presentation. (all lithographs are ready to hang) Next, I carefully touch up any areas that may need additional attention with paint, to finalize the piece (always by hand) . This may include adding small details, adjusting colors or tones, and refining any imperfections to ensure the final result is exactly as the original artwork. My goal is to deliver a finished product that meets and exceeds your expectations. My lithographs come in a few sizes, rather small, 11 X 14 inches the biggest. (28cm X 35,5cm) Each lithograph is unique and holds its own individual value. The value of a lithograph is based on the fact that the work has been done by the artist, and each one is made by hand, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. When ordering online, I always sign on the back of each lithograph to authenticate and personalize the artwork for the customer. This commitment to hand-crafted uniqueness and personal touch adds to the value and desirability of every lithograph available.
  • What is the difference between Open Edition and Limited Edition prints ?
    Open Edition prints mean that an X number of prints in various sizes will be created. There is no limit. Limited Edition is exactly what it says. A limited number of giclee prints will be produced. Also, these limited prints will have the same size. In addition they will be numbered, and hand-signed by the artist. The average of limited edition prints are 100 pieces. Some artists go up to 200, or less than 100. I prefer between 50 and 100 pieces. Keep in mind, that a specific size will contain its own number of limited prints.
  • What is a Certificate of Authenticity ?
    A Certificate of Authenticity is a written document that attests that an artwork is authentic, meaning that it was indeed created by the artist to whom it is attributed A valid certificate of authenticity should contain the title of the work, date created and most important the artist's signature These Certificates are given only to the Original paintings and to the Limited Edition (numbered) prints, either on Canvas or Paper
  • Can I order a custom Print size ?
    The print sizes I offer, are the most popular and requested sizes. Another factor of choosing these specific sizes is that the proportions of the original art work must be kept. So, the answer here is No. However, you could request a size, and I will let you know if possible or not.
  • Can I commission a painting ?
    I do not take commissions. A commission work means someone else's imagination to be realized on canvas. I cannot do that and I won't do that. However, there are times, when the commissioned work, the other person's imagination is based on my work and style. Then, I may consider. You could send me pics or ideas of what you want to do and I will let you know if possible
  • Are the paintings and prints framed ?
    Let's start with the paintings. They are painted on 100% cotton canvas. The canvas is stretched and wrapped around a wood frame. The wood frame has a depth of 3/4 or 1.5 (inches), depending on the size of the painting. The sides are also painted, and are ready to hang. This type of framing is called "Gallery style". The Gallery style framing is exactly what galleries and museums of modern art use when paintings are displayed. It is up to you to use an extra frame. Just keep in mind that even using an extra frame, the canvas still has to be stretched and wrapped around a wood frame When paintings are too big, and to avoid expensive shipping costs - and only upon customer's request, we ship those paintings not stretched, but rolled inside a carton mailing tube. Framed prints.. My Lithographs are always framed, Gallery style...ready to hang. Prints on Canvas are offered rolled or mounted onto a wood frame - ready to hang. The frame is Gallery style (Canvas wrapped around the wood frame) Prints on paper are offered only rolled
  • What materials are used for prints ?
    All my prints - Open Edition or Limited Edition - are Giclee. This means that I use such materials needed to meet the standards and specifications to be included in the category of the Giclee. I use two printers made by Epson. The process is ink jet (pigmented inks). Epson is the highest quality printer in the world. My canvas is 65% cotton and 35% polyester. You can not have 100% cotton canvas for printing. It is a thick canvas, with a sheen shine (luster) that make the colors vibrant. The paper is always photo paper, with smooth surfaces and different shines such as metallic, sheen, glossy depending on the theme of the print.
  • Is there more information regarding ordering ?
    Yes. Please click "here" I explain everything related to ordering, such as delivery time, payments, etc.... If you do have any questions, that are not explained, please do not hesitate to ask me
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