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You see them when they travel.

They always take a seat next to the window. They have no luggage. They keep looking out.

They don't have anyone to wait for them.

You see them walking in the streets, staring at the shop windows.

They have no intention of buying anything. They don't have someone to give presents to ...

They seem like they are coming from afar ...

When asked where they're going... they look at you in astonishment... as if they have not understood the question ...

These are the "Lonely People"

"Lonely People" Hand Painted Original

  • This is a Hand-Painted Original

    Acrylic on 100% cotton canvas

    UV protection

    Framed on wood - Gallery style (Canvas wrapped around the wood frame) - Ready to hang

    Size: 30 X 3O inches width X height

    A Certificate of Authenticity will be included with the ord

  • FREE SHIPPING Anywhere in the World

    Returns and Exchanges

    There are no returns or exchanges for Original and Limited Edition pieces

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