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Coming out of the dark is not easy.

The dark pampers you. It's an excellent place to hide. It makes you dream. It makes you feel that it's alright to dream, so you go on living in your dreams. You feel safe and comfortable snuggled up in your corner. You live hoping. Hoping for some light...perhaps...
Well, if you do want to come out, here are a few tips. The first thing is facing the light. The light is proud and won't come to you. It doesn't beg. The light will not pamper you. The light exposes. The light is cruel. If you can handle this, then read more.....
Guidelines you must follow:
1) First you have to stop dreaming. This is important as it will determine your course.
2) Don't tell anyone. It's a sacred secret.
3) Be decisive. How do you do that? acting fast. Don't allow any second thoughts. If you do, go back to your corner. You're not ready yet.
4) Get up, take one step, and do not look back. The dark is sexy and will try to allure you.
5) Take a second step and a third. Don't run. Running will bring fear.
6) While taking those steps. Keep looking down. You are not ready to look straight into the light. Have patience.
7) By now you start to see the first colors. Just keep your slow and steady pace. Do not run to the finish line.
8) Open your eyes. If the brightness blinds you and the light surrounds you, you've reached your destination.
9) (this is your last ordeal)...The light will expose you now. It will be cruel. There is no mercy, no pity, no comfortable corners.
So, what have you achieved? Was it worth it? Well, take yourself, find a stoop and both of you sit. Start talking. You've just met your best friend. So much in common, that you never knew. And as of now you will be inseparable...

It's worth the ride...isn't it? 

"Coming out of the Dark" Hand Painted Original

  • This is an original, 100% hand-painted. 

    Archival acrylic paint, on 100% cotton canvas.

    Treated for protection from the effects of the environment and ultraviolet light.

    Size: 24X30 inches

    note :

    The sizes shown here are standard

    They are measured in inches (height X width)

    The Canvas is framed - gallery style ready to hang

    A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY will be included with the Order


    Returns and Exchanges

    There are no returns or exchanges for Original and Limited Edition pieces