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What is a Lithograph?

A Lithograph is a type of printing. It started in 1796, primarily using a stone or a metal with smooth surfaces. The idea is to transfer the image (artwork) onto another surface by pressure.

Since then, this method has evolved, and new modern "pressure" machines are used.


I use printed images of my original artwork and then transfer them onto a cotton canvas surface, creating unique and high-quality pieces for my customers. This process allows me to maintain the integrity and detail of the original artwork while producing multiple copies for my clients to enjoy.

I only use my hands and a heavy rubber roller. After the transfer of the image is complete, I hand-paint the sides of the canvas, for an even uniformed work, for a frameless presentation. (all lithographs are ready to hang)

Next, I carefully touch up any areas that may need additional attention with paint, to finalize the piece (always by hand) . This may include adding small details, adjusting colors or tones, and refining any imperfections to ensure the final result is exactly as the original artwork. My goal is to deliver a finished product that meets and exceeds your expectations.

My lithographs come in a few sizes, rather small, 11 X 14 inches the biggest. (28cm X 35,5cm)


Each lithograph is unique and holds its own individual value. The value of a lithograph is based on the fact that the artist has done the work, and each one is made by hand, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. When ordering online, I always sign on the back of each lithograph to authenticate and personalize the artwork for the customer. This commitment to hand-crafted uniqueness and personal touch adds to the value and desirability of every lithograph available.

What is a Giclee Print

A Giclee print is the highest quality print available, often used for reproducing fine art or photography. It is created using specific standards and specifications to ensure museum-quality results.

These include using specific surfaces such as canvas or fine art paper that are archival, acid-free, and UV resistant. Additionally, Giclee prints are produced using specific printers and a type of ink that meets the highest standards for longevity and color vibrancy. Unlike standard print copies, Giclee prints require meticulous attention to detail and quality, making them a premium choice for art collectors and enthusiasts.

I am committed to providing my customers Giclee prints that maintain the integrity and beauty of the original artwork, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional, museum-quality reproductions.

Giclee Print
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