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What is your inspiration ?

The most frequent question people ask me

So, what is my inspiration?

I haven't got a clue. I simply don't know.

All I can say is that I like colors. The combination of colors. My favorite painter is Jackson Pollock and my favorite painting is the "Red Composition" which was created in 1946.

It's quite contradictory, but I myself never use a lot of colors when I paint. Most of the time I work with very few (two to three average) .... However, I use lots of their shades.

I don't act intentionally, but perhaps what I feel at those moments is what drives the hand and the brush.

Many times, when I walk I get inspired when I see a specific interesting scene of people, a detail on a building. Watching a movie, or listening to music. Other times my emotions, create and I imagine a scene. These are all inspirations.

I will tell you what inspired me to paint the NYC skyline….

I was walking 5th Ave and 14th Str, when I saw a white van. It belonged to an electrician -contractor. On the van, he had the name and logo of his brand. The logo was a black electric cable that stretched the entire length of the side of the van. One end of the cable ended up in a socket and on the other, there was the plug ...

The most impressive of course was the drawing between the two ends. It was the shape of the NYC Skyline… The contractor clearly wanted to show that his company was of electric nature and served New York City.

I stayed for minutes gazing at it. For me, what I was seeing was already a painting. Apart from the clever and - I believe - the successful idea, there was a deeper element. Simplicity in its grandeur. It didn't need anything else. A design with only two colors. It captured the whole idea. That was enough.

I do not remember if I ever reached the destination I had started to go to. But what I do remember is standing over a canvas and painting the NYC Skyline….

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